20th March, 2018
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20th March 2014
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1st November 2013
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30 October 2013
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16 August 2013
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15 February 2012
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Toolrite news and highlights.

2nd November 2007 - Solidworks / One CNC
After six months of studying software packages to suit the companies needs for integrated solutions, Toolrite installed Solidworks 2008 onto two high-end workstation class laptops. This provides fast, flexible and more importantly mobile design solutions.

Once a component is designed, it's important the information can be transferred quickly and accurately for processing. As part of our investigation we needed to provide a stable platform for transferring our CAD drawings to CAM/CNC software. In combining a number of platforms of One CNC with Solidworks, we found the ideal solution for accuracy, flexibility and speed.

This blend of software allows our clients and operators to view and manipulate images, leading to an improved understanding of the more complex items. Of particular advantage has been the development of improved feed systems, and the re-invention of multi-component assemblies. It is now possible to almost replicate the process prior to cutting one piece of material, this has meant a significant reduction in off-site and workshop development.

These enhancements to Toolrite's design and manufacturing process will bring effective new tooling and continuous improvement initiatives to our clients quicker and with much of the risk or error removed at the design stage.

Please contact us to see first hand the full scope of our design capabilities.

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