23rd May, 2018
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News & Highlights
9th April 2014
Design Studio Expansion [read more]

20th March 2014
Toolrite Expands Service Portfolio [read more]

1st March 2014
Toolrite goes 3D [read more]

1st November 2013
Acquisition of 2 Noack 760 machines [read more]

30 October 2013
Plug'n'Play brush box [read more]

16 August 2013
Noack 623 installed [read more]

25 July 2013
British theme at Total-Pack [read more]

15 February 2012
Toolrite score in Texas! [read more]

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Service portfolio
Toolrite offer a unique blend of practical solutions, developed to support all aspects of pharmaceutical packaging; including Clinical/Stability Studies, New Product Introduction, Continuous Improvement, and day-to-day engineering issues. A provider of in-house designed full tooling sets, with the ability to go that extra mile to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with their line performance.

A full service portfolio, tailored to support the healthcare sector in today's globally competitive pharmaceutical packaging operation.
  • User Requirement Specification, design & development, manufacturing, and delivery of Certified GMP tooling/components.
  • Technology transfer between machines and/or sites.
  • Productivity support through Continuous Improvement initiatives components
  • Duplication/Replacement of existing components, due to damage, wear or non-compliance. View example.
  • GMP focused materials and coatings used on new, replacement or upgraded components
  • Change Control Documentation supporting modified or repaired components.
  • Full Compliance Documentation & Specification with all components, including drawings, test and inspection records, photographic records, and certificates of conformity.
  • A comprehensive traceability record of materials and components is maintained for the manufacture of engineered items.

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