23rd May, 2018
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9th April 2014
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20th March 2014
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30 October 2013
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15 February 2012
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Toolrite news and highlights.

20th March 2014 - Toolrite Expands Service Portfolio
As the pharmaceutical industry remains focused on initiatives to drive down cost, they are exploring all aspects of their business. Where previously risk adverse companies paid top prices for spare parts from the OEM's to maintain their equipment, more and more are now looking to replicate these components elsewhere. Toolrite has grasped this activity as another opportunity to provide a speedy, cost effective portfolio of machine consumables.

Our range covers shafts, guides, clips through to cooling plates, couplings and transfer parts.

The principle is "If its manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium or plastic, and milled, turned and ground then we can do it!"

The key to any activity of this type is to have a proven, sustainable and effective method of reverse engineering, combined with the people who appreciate the operation required of the component.

Paul Speirs - Managing Director says "We have no intention of replacing the OEM, in our opinion they are a critical an effective provider of machinery and technical support. Our role is to provide a supplementary service, which provides a cost conscious, technically effective and timely service when needed"

Please contact us for more information on how Toolrite can support your business in operational cost reduction.

Toolrite Expands Service Portfolio
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