23rd May, 2018
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9th April 2014
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20th March 2014
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1st March 2014
Toolrite goes 3D [read more]

1st November 2013
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30 October 2013
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16 August 2013
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Toolrite news and highlights.

1st March 2014 - Toolrite goes 3D
Toolrite continues to expand the company's Prototyping and Component Development, with the installation, in February, of an Objet 24 3D printer.

The Objet 24 is a high accuracy 3D printer which enables the production of almost anything in ABS Plastic, within +/- 30mu.

Paul Speirs, Toolrite's MD said: "We recognised the importance, to our clients, of being able to quickly provide low cost prototype blisters for marketing and packaging development. The 3D printing technology not only allows us to produce samples of the blister pack, but also the product contents too, producing tablets, caplets and capsules to accurately replicate the product."

3D printing has been around for some time now, however the tolerance and finish of the items that can now be produced this way, has brought many new uses to the fore.

"Toolrite's internal development team benefit too, we no longer need to wait for a convenient production slot to provide prototype components, such as feed shoes, feed tubes and profiled pockets - the Design Team down load the file to the printer in the evening, and by morning the required samples are there waiting for them"

The foot-print of the machine allows the company to produce multiples of a single item, as well as various different formats, all printed in tandem.

"Our clients soon heard of this capability, enquiries have already been received for sample blister packs, product, bottles and machine parts for trialling"

"3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies, and is now moving into the production environment, with metal printing of working components. It won't be long before some tooling parts will be manufactured in this way"

Toolrite goes 3D
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