23rd May, 2018
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1st November 2013
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30 October 2013
Plug'n'Play brush box [read more]

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Toolrite news and highlights.

30th October 2013 - Plug'n' Play Brush Box Assembly
Toolrites' new plug'n'play brush box comes to life, designed and developed for continuous motion and intermittent motion blister packaging lines.

Key features:
  • GMP Compliant Motors
  • Simple connectivity - Requires 13 amp socket only
  • Easy to use touch screen, adjusts motor speeds etc
  • Touch Screen changes colour to demonstrate equipment status, Amber - Ready, Green-Go, Red - Emergency Stop
  • Motors and gearing fully programmable - with software

Options include:
  • Alternative mounting methods (on/off track)
  • Variable body length
  • Easy to use touch screen, adjusts motor speeds etc
  • Paddle and brush variations

The Toolrite plug'n'play Brush Box is designed to do just that, mount the assembly on the web-guide track or machine bed, plug in, and the unit is ready to fill product. Adjust paddle and rotary brushes speeds independently, record the settings for future campaigns, and you are underway.

Toolrite will also supply linked vibratory feeders and product hoppers, providing a GMP compliant and effective turn-key solution.


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